Tom Tweets that No Doubt Have Another New Song!

YAY,Tom just tweeted that No Doubt has another new song as of today,and that he is loving and it feels really good! Much congrats to the band-we are thrilled for them and cannot wait to hear it and all the other new songs!!

Umm…we’ve got another new song as of today, I have to admit I’m loving it. Wow that feels good! -Tom

@nodoubter29 no name yet for this one- us too! Soon soon

Tom shared that the band has about 12 new songs now!!

@beaconstreet I think 12 now. Likewise! -Tom

@MsClaraK @nodoubt hey can I get a tweet? Iv loved nd since I was 5 I’m 20 now and loves gwens style! Oh and my surnames kingston 🙂 love u all x

@myworkingtitle @nodoubt woooohooooo! Can’t wait to hear it. Hard work pays off.

Thanks so much to No Doubt for the ReTweet!! And what a beautiful sunset!

@EITnd 2012, the year of @nodoubt. The world better prepare! You guys gonna bring happiness again to the music scene! Counting the seconds! Love u!

Today’s sunset from the writing lab… Gotta tweet the sunset occasionally right? -Tom

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