Rumor: New Gwen single out on October 6?


UPDATE: Music producer Michael St. James also tweeted confirming Gwen’s new single “Baby Don’t Lie”! He also says that there are “at least 3 singles” which makes us believe a Third Solo is really on the way! We couldn’t be any more excited and can’t wait to hear to those tracks!

HazeRadio, Program Director of the Channel 933/On-Air Star 941 just tweeted that he heard the song and he said it’s “gonna be big”! Sounds like it’s real guys! This is so exciting! We can’t wait!!!

Wow! Kurt Trowbridge, Pulse Music administrator, shared some very intriguing info today. He said that Gwen will release a new single on October 6th and the track of the song is “Baby Don’t Lie”. We’ve been hearing rumors of a new solo album release this year and this adds even more fuel to the blaze! Guess we’ll have to wait for any official confirmations!

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