No Doubt and Anthony Gorry Back in the Studio Today!

Anthony Gorry just tweeted that a timpani,orchestral bass drums,and a Farfisa Combo have all been delivered to the studio today-we hope he and the band have fun with the awesome new equipment!! Gwen also tweeted that she is on her way to the studio and that she can’t wait to hear the new keyboard line Gorry did yesterday-we can’t wait to hear it either and wish No Doubt and their production team an excellent time in the studio today!!

@AnthonyGorry Timpani – Orchestral Bass Drums – A Farfisa Combo all delivered at the studio. @nodubt we will be having some fun today !

@AnthonyGorry can’t wait – on my way -more importantly- what’s for lunch! Gx

@AnthonyGorry can’t eat to hear that new keyboard line u did yesterday = drugs for my ears gx

Can’t wait! Not eat – but it is on my mind! Spell check – cant live w it can’t live w out it gx

Mark Williams listening to songs – so fun to share gx

Check out Tom and Adrian on Orchestral Bass Drums!

Adrian banging drums today in the pinball lounge. -Tom

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