New Tweets: Tony Laying Down Bass on ”Undone” Today

YAY,No Doubt just tweeted that Tony is laying down the bass lines on ”Undone” today in the studio-we spy Todd Stefani documenting it and cannot wait to see his in-studio webisodes!

Tony laying down bass tracks on “Undone” this morning:

@BlackDevil7932 @nodoubt I cannot wait for the new record. You guys always put a smile on my face whenever im in a funk.

Anthony Gorry tweeted this-hmm,is he working on ”Heaven” with No Doubt today? 😉

@AnthonyGorry Today I’m in Heaven…..@nodoubt I cant stop dancing and its not even lunch time yet

YAY,much congrats again to No Doubt on ”Different People” being on President Obama’s campaign playlist-it is such an amazing and inspiring song,we are thrilled for them!!!

Different People is #1 on President Obama’s playlist! Those are the first lyrics I ever wrote. Crazy and amazing! – Gx

A very big Happy Birthday today to Mason Young, you rock and we love you! -Tony, Tom, Gwen and your Dad

@BarackObama A little Wilco, a bit of No Doubt—check out what else made it onto the new official #Obama2012 campaign playlist: http://OFA.BO/pHpWYy

@yelyahwilliams 🙂

@Doll_Legs ours is very different 🙂 -Tom

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