New Tweets: No Doubt Promo Photoshoot

WOW,Tom just tweeted a photo from the set of a promo photoshoot No Doubt is doing today!! Wishing them the best-can’t wait to see the new photos!!!

@nodoubt promo photo shoot in Hollywood today. Good vibes!

I’m not promising anything, but, the new webisode is close…so I am told. 🙂 Also FYI the Settle Down vid is looking awesome


They just tweeted this AMAZING picture! Let the Push and Shove era begin! <3

Photo time!

@gwenstefani @nodoubt promo shoot underway

Push and Shove!


@TomDumontND looking hot!

Ghostly! @TonyKanal @nodoubt

@RenataLuizand @gwenstefani @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd a couple more hours. Another shoot Saturday…

@TonyKanal in the roof at the golden hour @nodoubt

Yep insane “@nodoubternate: Have you guys seen the pictures from El Mac yet for the album artwork? @nodoubt”

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