New Tweets: Mixing Push & Shove Today

Tom just shared on Twitter that the band will be working on mixing ”Push & Shove” today;earlier,Spike Stent tweeted how he was already firing up the ”magic desk”! We wish them the very best mixing ”Push & Shove”-just from the snippets we heard in the webisode,it sounds AMAZING!!!

@NoDoubtBrasil @markspikestent Push & Shove!

@markspikestent @AdrianYoungND@TonyKanal@gwenstefani@TomDumontND@diplo Magic desk fired up. Let’s go!!!

@TomDumontND @markspikestent Dude you are in the studio early this morning! Sorcerer!

LOL, we can’t wait to hear it either,Adrian!

The wizard better known as Spike Stent is starting the “Push and Shove” mix today. Can’t wait to hear it.

@TomDumontND You’re a big girl, u tell her. Use your words! “@lylyspears: @TomDumontND please tell to Gwen to record another solo album please”

@nfisteus My shoes/socks today are pretty boring. 🙂 next time when I get wacky I will!

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