New tweets: International Press Interviews and Rehearsals Today

How exciting!! Tom just tweeted that No Doubt will be busy today with international press interviews, press listening session,and rehearsals. Wishing them all the best!

Today’s agenda: international press interviews, press listening session, rehearsals. Busy!

Interviews today. About to start!

Looks like one of the interviews ND is doing today is with Carson Daly-we love how excited he is about the music!!!

@carsonjdaly Listening to brand new No Doubt. HOLY SHIT!!! I’ve never been this excited listening to new music- #mindblowingcool

Another lucky DJ!!!

@MichelleOnAmp Heard a couple of the new @NoDoubt songs & can’t WAIT for them to hurry up & get this album out! #rad @gwenstefani

First interview underway

    Listening session for international journalists underway

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