New Tweets! Gwen Back in the Studio with the Guys!

YAY,it’s great to know Gwen is back in the studio with the guys today-wishing them all the best as they continue to work on the album!!!

Gwen back in the studio with us. Nothing like having the four of us in the same room making music. Let’s do this! – Tony

LOVE this tweet from Tom! Hope the band is having fun celebrating making amazing music-we can’t wait to hear it!!

Sometimes making music is easy and fun and everything just works. Gotta celebrate the good days! -Tom

@nodoubt you guys are fun and make everything easier in my life with your music! I can’t wait for the new album! Happy studio day! <3 you!

How gorgeous is Gwen?!!!

Home!! In the studio !!!!!! Gx xx


really really liking the fact @nodoubt is making music right now. like, a lot.

Thanks SO much to ND for the ReTweet and for all of their support-we love them!!!

@nodoubt Hope you guys are having a fantastic time in the studio tonight!! Thanks for alll the tweets and for working so hard on the album!

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