New Tweets: Band Back at Rehearsal Today,More Performances Announced Soon

Tom just tweeted that the band is back at rehearsals today for lots of upcoming performances next month that will be announced soon! We posted earlier that one of them will be the NFL season kickoff pregame show in NYC on September 5. Tom also shared that he is stoked about his second GJ2Guitars prototype (its face will be painted white with a natural back) and revealed that prototype #3 will be all natural hand oiled Sapele wood with humbuckers and trem,and will be finished in 2 weeks.

‏@TomDumontND back in rehearsals today 🙂

@TomDumontND lots of performances coming up in Sept. announcing them soon. “@nodoubternate: @TomDumontND What are you guys rehearsing for!?”

@gwenstefani Hi

@TomDumontND I’m stoked about this!!! “@GJ2Guitars: GJ2’s Prototype 2 for @TomDumontND now has a name! Announcement coming soon…”

TomDumontND @nodoubter29 @gj2guitars it’s face is being painted white now. Natural back…

@TomDumontND @nodoubter29 @gj2guitars Proto #3 will be all natural hand oiled Sapele wood…with humbuckers and trem. 2 more weeks for that one! 🙂

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