New Tweets: Album Packaging Photoshoot Today

YAY,the band is tweeting photos from the set of their latest photoshoot today,which Tom revealed is for the ”Push and Shove” album packaging!! Hope they have an amazing time!!

Just arrived at today’s photoshoot. “Push and Shove” album packaging is on the menu today. Fun!

@AdrianYoungND getting ready for another photo shoot today


@TonyKanal it’s go time!

Tom just finished his first round of album photos with Van Halen I blaring to get him in the mood.

Yo Adrian! @AdrianYoungND @nodoubt

I’m hearing yes! “@mergirl79: @TomDumontND will that be vinyl? I do hope so ;-)”

Setup #1:

@gwenstefani getting ready!

Band time!

Me and the incredible Sophie Muller

@beaconstreet filming the shoot and showing us Settle Down video edits!

What we see right now

Tony revealed that the photographer for the shoot was Yutsai-you can check out his other work here. Also,thanks to Renata for sharing,it looks like the shoot was held at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood.

Tom just confirmed that artist El Mac is painting portraits of the band,based off of the photos he took of the band back in March-we cannot wait to see the album artwork!!

Our photographer @yutsai brought his beautiful dog Soy to look over us as we shoot #blessed

El Mac is painting portraits, based off of the photos he took. “@nodoubter29: @nodoubt was the El Mac photos for the record or PR?”

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