New Tweet: Back in the Studio Working on ”Dreaming the Same Dream”

Yay,Tony just tweeted to say that No Doubt is back in the studio today-the first order of the day is to work on a sweeping synth white noise on “Dreaming the Same Dream”. Hope the band has fun today!

studio time! back at it again this monday morning. first order of the day: sweeping synth white noise on “dreaming” – tony

More Tweets!!

Back in studio after a little Roger Federer amazement 🙂 gx

@markspikestent is running things!

AdrianYoungND has bed head gx

Listening to “undone” gx

No Doubt

Spike is great. Gx

@nodoubt: @MTV Musical March Madness. Vote now & help No Doubt advance to the next round #MMM

Nevermind the dorks on the outside of the pic, check out Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple in the middle.

Tom replied to a fan to say that the band is still in the studio tonight,and that Gwen is killing vocals on ”Push and Shove”. Wishing them all the best!!

@TomDumontND @RenataLuizand @adrianyoungnd @tonykanal @gwenstefani @nodoubt Still here- and Gwen’s killing “push and shove” vocals at the moment.

Monday evening vocals on Push & Shove

Wrapping up another great studio day with @gwenstefani @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND see you tomorrow

@TomDumontND The machines are asleep… G’nite!

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