New Gwen Tweets!

Gwen just tweeted Anthony Gorry of Brixton Angels,who earlier had tweeted that he had a brilliant time in the studio with she and Tony yesterday!She also tweeted a short video of Gavin playing tennis-he is an awesome player!

@AnthonyGorry so fun fighting w tony sometimes the only way to to get to the good stuff (wink) gx

@GavinRossdale tennis crazy gx

EDIT- Anthony Gorry replied to Gwen to say that he enjoyed the banter between her and Tony in studio,and that the chemistry in room was electric! He also shared that he will joining ND again in the studio tomorrow,and wished Gwen good luck with writing today-we do,too!

@nodoubt I really enjoyed the banter G. The result was great.The chemistry in the room was electric. See you tomorrow. Enjoy writing today x

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