Mothers Day TweetsTweets do Dia das Mães!

Gwen and Adrian took their time to go on Twitter to wish the moms a Happy Mothers Day! We hope all the No Doubt moms-and moms everywhere-are enjoying their special day! We would also like to wish Erin a very Happy Birthday today,too!!

Gwen: @GwynethPaltrow @aliciakeys @nicolerichie @victoriabeckham @kellywearstler happy mothers day muffins gx

Adrian: Happy Mothers day to my lovely wife, Erin, Mieke, Gwen, and Lene. You are all fantastic Mothers. Adrian

Gwen also wished the lovely Erin a happy birthday!

@TonyKanal @TomDumontND @nodoubt @AdrianYoungND @thingsweheart @GavinRossdale @erinreese13 happy b day Erin Reese !!! Xxx g

@gwenstefani @TonyKanal @TomDumontND @nodoubt @AdrianYoungND @thingsweheart @erinreese13 Happy b day Erin and Happy day super Mum’s, Spike x

@AdrianYoungND xxgx

@TonyKanal Happy Mother’s Day 2 the beautiful Moms in our lives! Thank You! @thingsweheart @gwenstefani @Nina4EverYoung @markspikestent @GabrialMcNair

@TonyKanal Happy Birhday to the my beautiful love @erinreese13 @thingsweheart time to go swimming with Coco xoxo

Gwen e Adrian twitaram desejando um Feliz Dia das Mães!

Gwen: @GwynethPaltrow @aliciakeys @nicolerichie @victoriabeckham @kellywearstler feliz dia das mães docinhos gx

Adrian: Feliz dia das mães pra minha adorável esposa, Erin, Mieke, Gwen, and Lene. Vocês são todas mães fantásticas. Adrian

Gwen também twiutou desejando um Feliz Aniversário pra Erin!

@TonyKanal @TomDumontND @nodoubt @AdrianYoungND @thingsweheart @GavinRossdale @erinreese13 Feliz Aniversário Erin Reese !!! Xxx g

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