Gwen Tweets Fall 2012 L.A.M.B. Show Makeup Inspiration!

Wow,Gwen just tweeted a photo of 60s model Twiggy,saying that it is the inspiration for the makeup the models will be wearing in tomorrow night’s L.A.M.B. presentation! The makeup look truly is sick,and we cannot wait to see the new collection! Earlier this week,she had hinted to Women’s Wear Daily that the new collection was inspired by ‘’the 1960s rogue girl who has a Japanese street sensibility’’. It still hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Gwen will be attending the showing,but no matter what,we wish Gwen and her entire L.A.M.B. team the very,very best in presenting what is sure to be another amazing and hugely successful collection!

L.A.M.B. makeup inspiration : sick! gx

Also,we learned today that Danilo will be using T3’s new hot rollers on all the models-sounds fab!

@BeautySweetSpot Scoop: Tomorrow at Gwen Stefani’s LAMB show, stylist Danilo will be using T3’s new hot rollers on all the models. Curls! #NYFW

UPDATE: Gwen’s NYC publicist Laura Claps just tweeted that she just left the L.A.M.B. showroom,and that the collection looks amazing and that she is very excited for the presentation tomorrow-so are we! She also shared a pic!

@LauraClaps Just left the L.A.M.B. showroom. Collection looks amazing, very excited for the presentation tomorrow! #NYFW

Cool,Laura Claps also shared that basketball star Shaquille O’Neal will be attending the L.A.M.B. presentation tomorrow night-we already knew that actress/singer Miranda Cosgrove is another celeb who will be there.

@LauraClaps Shaquille O’Neal is coming to the #LAMB presentation tomorrow. Oh yeahhh @shaq in the hizzousee!

WOW,Gwen just tweeted a photo of L.A.M.B. models being fitted for the presentation tomorrow! Just from what we can see,the clothes look AMAZING!! One again,we wish Gwen and her whole L.A.M.B. team the very best in presenting yet another stunning collection!!

@LOrealParisUSA @thingsweheart wow L.A.M.B. right round the corner gx

OMG,Gwen is tweeting MORE photos from the Fall 2012 collection-they are FABULOUS!!!

Lamb gx

@thingsweheart @LOrealParisUSA @beaconstreet @EITnd trying to download more pix for u ! So frustrating!! Hold please gx

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