Anthony Gorry Tweets About Working on New No Doubt Music

Anthony Gorry of production team Brixton Angels tweeted late last night that he worked on ”the most beautiful song by @nodoubt” yesterday,and just now he tweeted that he is buzzing about seeing the band again today-we cannot wait to hear his collaboration with No Doubt and we hope they have an awesome time in the studio today!!

Started today having an echogram of my heart & ended it working on the most beautiful song by @nodoubt Now time for me to dream #lifeisgood

@nodoubt Buzzing about seeing everyone today. I’m up and ready to roll…..Lets make some noise!!!

2 thoughts on “Anthony Gorry Tweets About Working on New No Doubt Music

  1. Fabio says:

    “most beautiful song by No Doubt”. That gave me ULTIMATE shivers! Really! I’m such a dork, I know, but made me imagine a percect ballad! Can’t wait for this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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