Tragic Kingdom (1995 – 1998)

Performers Date TV Show Songs performed
No Doubt 01/30/96 Late Night with Conan O’Brien Just a Girl
No Doubt 03/14/96 MTV Spring Break Just a Girl
No Doubt 03/28/96 MTV Beach House Just a Girl / Sailin’ On
No Doubt 03/28/96 The Late Show with David Letterman Just a Girl
No Doubt 07/??/96 MTV Europe Just a Girl
No Doubt 09/04/96 MTV Video Music Awards Just A Girl / Spiderwebs
No Doubt 12/07/96 Saturday Night Live Don’t Speak / Excuse Me Mr
No Doubt 01/23/97 Late Show with David Letterman Spiderwebs
No Doubt 02/14/97 TFI Friday Don’t Speak
No Doubt 02/26/97 Grammy Awards Spiderwebs
No Doubt 04/11/97 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Sunday Morning
No Doubt 05/13/97 MuchMusic Intimate and Interactive Move On / Happy Now? / Sunday Morning / Spiderwebs
No Doubt 10/07/97 MTV Sonic Pending set list
No Doubt 11/14/97 Race to Erase MS Benefit Don’t Speak
No Doubt ??/??/97 MTV Live N’ Loud Spiderwebs / Excuse Me Mr./ Don’t Speak / Just a Girl / Oi to the World / Sunday Morning
No Doubt 03/01/98 Bay Area Music Festival Pending set list