Tour dates and setlists for 1994

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Date Location Venue Performer Setlist
01/22/94 Orange, California DNA Art Gallery No Doubt
01/23/94 Las Vegas, Nevada Huntridge Theater No Doubt
02/18/94 San Diego, California World Beat Center No Doubt
02/20/94 Santa Barbara, California Red Dog Saloon No Doubt
04/16/94 Irvine, California Aldrich Park No Doubt What’s Cookin’? / Squeal / Let’s Get Back / Excuse Me Mr. / You Can Do It / Move On / World Go ‘Round / You Can’t Teach an Ol’ Dog New Tricks / Sliver * / Don’t Speak (original version) / Doormat / Different People / Open the Gate / Trapped in a Box
* Nirvana cover
05/19/94 Santa Barbara, California Beach Shack No Doubt
05/20/94 San Diego, California Price Center Plaza No Doubt
05/28/94 Hollywood, California The Palace Adrian and Gwen No Doubt
05/29/94 Solana Beach, California Belly Up No Doubt
05/31/94 Pomona, California Cal Poly No Doubt
06/01/94 Palo Alto, California The Edge No Doubt
06/02/94 Santa Cruz, California Catalyst No Doubt
06/03/94 San Francisco, California Paradise Lounge No Doubt
06/04/94 Berkeley, California Berkeley Square No Doubt
06/05/94 Tahoe City, California Humpty’s No Doubt
07/15/94 Ventura, California Metro Bay Club No Doubt Tragic Kingdom / Get On The Ball / Hey You / Ache / Open The Gate / Different People / Sinking / You Can’t Teach An Ol’ Dog New Tricks / Just A Girl / Goin’ With The Grain / Don’t Speak / My Room Is Still Clean / You Can Do It / Doghouse / Brand New Day / Paulina
08/11/94 San Diego, California World Beat Center No Doubt
08/13/94 Irvine, California Crawford Hall No Doubt
08/19/94 Santa Barbara, California Underground No Doubt
09/02/94 Long Beach, California Foothill No Doubt
09/14/94 Hollywood, California Dragonfly No Doubt
11/19/94 Hollywood, California The Palace No Doubt
12/01/94 San Francisco, California Great American Music Hall No Doubt
12/02/94 Pismo Beach, California Pismo Vet’s Hall No Doubt
12/03/94 San Diego, California Casbah No Doubt
12/07/94 Cal State Fullerton No Doubt Move On / Sunday Morning / Sinking / Sixteen / Different People / Just A Girl / ABC’s / Paulina (Tony sang the lead instead of Eric)/ Let’s Get Back / Heartbreaker / You Can Do It / Trapped in a Box / Excuse Me Mr. / Brand New Day
12/18/94 Salt Lake City, Utah Salt Air No Doubt
12/20/94 Snowmass, Colorado Snowmass Conference Center No Doubt
12/21/94 Denver, Colorado Mercury Cafe No Doubt
12/29/94 West Hollywood, California Troubadour No Doubt