Tour dates and setlists for 1991

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Date Location Venue Performer Setlist
03/09/91 Irvine, California Crawford Hall No Doubt
03/12/91 Hollywood, California Blak & Bloo No Doubt Squeal / Let’s Get Back / Ache / Doormat / Move On / Sometimes / Paradise / Soundquake / Up Yours / Big City Train / Sister (acapella) / Brand New Day / Aladdin / Paulina (sung a capella by Gwen)
04/28/91 Anaheim, California La Palma Park No Doubt
05/08/91 Northridge, California Cal State No Doubt
05/11/91 Santa Barbara, California No Doubt
05/16/91 Hollywood, California The Roxy No Doubt
08/08/91 Hollywood, California Spice No Doubt
09/07/91 San Diego, California Downtown No Doubt
09/11/91 Cal State Fullerton No Doubt
09/26/91 Los Angeles, California Variety Arts Center No Doubt
09/27/91 San Diego, California Price Center Plaza No Doubt
09/29/91 Anaheim, California Celebrity Theater No Doubt
10/15/91 Los Angeles, California No Doubt
10/27/91 Chapman University No Doubt
11/09/91 Riverside, California No Doubt