Mobile Monday

We are going back to 2006 when the official No Doubt site incorporated cartoon characters of the band designed by Eric Keyes which bounced around the top of the screen. Hope you guys like these wallpapers <3 Android (moveable) Android (stationary) iPhone/iPod touch

Mobile Monday

This week of graphics features the one and only Mr. Tom Dumont!!! There hasn’t been any photoshoots of just Tom recently so I gathered stuff from the promo shoots for the album. Android (moveable) Android (stationary) iPhone/iPod Touch

Mobile Monday

Week 4 is here! This week’s graphics include a photoshoot that was revealed to us through Webisode 7. The band looks like they had tons of fun during this shoot as did I, creating these wallpapers that have a hint of Mod in them. Hope you guys like it 🙂 Android (moveable screen)

Wallpaper Wednesday

It’s the middle of the work/school week so what better way to celebrate than to have a new wallpaper for your computers and tablets! This is a slight variation to the mobile wallpapers. We would love to see how these wallpapers look on your comps!   Standard   Tablet

Wallpaper Wednesdays

It’s day 3 of our daily graphics and today is Wallpaper Wednesday which is different than Mondays in that these wallpapers are designed specifically for your desktops, laptops, tablets and iPads. The first is your standard wallpaper and the second is for your tablets.  Depending on the orientation (portrait or landscape), sometimes you


More wallpapers from Mary. Sorry about the confusion Mary! Thx for the lyrics also, I will try to get those up soon. I’ve been very busy trying to get my free-lance web-design business going. If anyone needs a website made just let me know! (obviously, not free lol)