EIT History

In May of 2003, Fabio and Daiana created a web log called No
Doubt Brazil
, in order keep Brazilian fans up-to-date with
the latest news about the band. Throughout the year its popularity
grew and expansion seemed to be a natural step. By early December
Daiana and Fabio asked their friend Bryce to collaborate with
them in their effort. It was decided that an entirely new
website would be appropriate, so the three of them agreed
on a domain name and a plan of action.

The new domain name became active on December 9th, 2003 and the new website is
now available in both Portuguese and English. Halfway into
construction of the website, in late December, Amy was asked
to become a webmaster. This balanced things perfectly because
now there were two webmasters from the US and two webmasters
from Brazil. Later in fall of 2004 Amy had to part company
with EIT because she couldn’t keep up with her own No Doubt site,
Gorgeously Jealous.
Amy still permitted the use of her server to host
media files. In early winter of that year EIT lost the use
of the server due to excessive bandwidth consumption. The server
wasn’t able to handle all the traffic.
But in mid December Bryce purchased a new server to host EIT’s
media files.

In September of 2005 Philippe officially joined
the webmaster team. He has continuously been a great help
with the acquisition of No Doubt media for the site so he
was a perfect addition to the team. As EIT grew in popularity,
traffic and bandwidth of the site exceeded the limitations
of the hosting package Bryce had purchased. In late 2005 the
hosting contract was up for renewal and a more extensive hosting
package was needed to suit the needs of EIT but Bryce couldn’t
afford to pay for it. The hosting contract expired and the
site shut down temporarily until more economical hosting could
be found.

Then one day one of the webmasters of EIT received
an email from an employee of Interscope records offering hosting
for our site. Apparently someone (who we cannot name 😉 )
in the band had requested that Interscope help with the hosting
dilemma. Soon the site renovations were well underway and it went
back online in January of 2006. In mid February Interscope
could no longer host EIT due to policy conflicts, so a new
server had to be found. With the help of generous donations
EIT bought a new media server and finally in
early May the new file server was ready and EIT re-opened
media downloads.

Amy came back to EIT again and helped to
remake the layout and design. A few months later Stephen from
No Doubt Videos was asked to join the group. EIT is going strong and
dedicated to providing the best videos and content for the fans!

In 2007 Jamila joined the EIT team. Since Jamila has came to help,
we have been able to develop the Italian section.

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  1. mike says:

    hi where is your archive of rare nodoubt audio files what happened to them.


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