Scans: 1997 No Doubt Interview in India’s The Rock Street Journal

Thanks so much to writer Sharon Gupta for sharing on her blog and on the official forum an awesome interview she conducted with No Doubt for The Rock Street Journal back when the band was touring Bangalore,India in October of 1997. It’s a fantastic read with great photos,and we love Sharon’s kind words for ND!

No Doubt visited India many moons ago and they performed at Bangalore. I had the privilege of interviewing them and you can find a copy of that interaction on my blog:

I recall it was an awesome concert and I was delighted with their interview, too. They came across as down to earth and really cool, all of them, especially Gwen. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it.

Sharon Gupta, Civil Servant and writer from New Delhi, India

No Doubt Interview

No Doubt Interview 2

No Doubt Interview 3

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