No Doubt’s Family and Friends concert in Los Angeles

Lucky friends, family and fans were invited to a dress rehearsal show held at The Forum in Los Angeles. They performed a full set and fans say they’re better than ever! We cannot wait until the Global Citizen Festival in New York on Saturday, Septembr 27th!

Push and Shove
It’s My Life
Hella Good
Underneath it All
Hey Baby
Sparkle (acoustic)
Simple Kind of Life (acoustic)
Magic’s in the Makeup (acoustic)
Sunday Morning
Happy Now
Settle Down
Dont Speak
Just a Girl
Rock Steady

Here’s a little review by our good friend Sandra:

No Doubt put on an AMAZING show last night at the newly renovated Forum in Inglewood, California. When you walked in it was as if you were stepping into the Gibson for the 7 night stand shows. The lighting was the exact same and “No Doubt” was in lights.

The floor was filled with a mixture of family, friends and fans. It felt very intimate and you could feel the anticipation of everyone. Gwen herself said that only 100 lucky fans were invited along and her mom was in the audience along with her 75 personal guests. She also said she could see Kingston and Zuma’s friends in the crowd but that unfortunately her sons weren’t there because “she is strict and it was a school night.”

The show started a little after 8 and opened up with Push and Shove the band lined up in the dark as the words “we’re here” filled the venue. No Doubt was definitely back!!!

I was amazed on how well the band played after being on break for so long. There was the occasional mixup of lyrics but Gwen was so charming claiming, “she was just checking to see if we knew the lyrics.” She even asked the band to raise their hand if they had messed up during the set and everyone raised their hands except Adrian.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear songs like “Magic’s in the Makeup,” “Rocksteady,” and “Happy Now.” The fans were not complaining about hearing those rare gems. So all you fans that are seeing them at the Global Citizens Festival are in for a great show!!!

3 thoughts on “No Doubt’s Family and Friends concert in Los Angeles

  1. Littlest Winslow says:

    Excited for Saturday! I bet it’ll be a shortened set though, given that the whole fest is only 5.5 hours…hopefully they keep in the rarities!


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