No Doubt Interview in 2000 Weenie Roast Booklet

Thanks to Tabitha for sharing her photo of a short interview with No Doubt that was featured in a booklet for KROQ’s annual Weenie Roast back in 2000;we transcribed the interview below.


What is your favorite song right now?

Adrian- ‘’Slip It In’’ by Black Flag
Gwen-‘’ Everything Reminds Me of Her’’ by Elliot Smith
Tony-‘’Writing to Reach You’’ by Travis
Tom- The Secret Song on the Travis CD

What is your favorite album to come out this year so far?

Adrian- Avantgarde by Eleven
Gwen- Bloodflowers by The Cure
Tony-The Man Who by Travis
Tom- Return of Saturn by No Doubt

Band to watch for in the year 2000:

Adrian- No Doubt
Gwen- Don’t ask me
Tony- The Beatles
Tom- Papa Roach

What is your favorite movie to come out this year so far?

Adrian- Magnolia
Gwen- Being John Malkovich
Tony- Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Tom- None

What is your favorite meal to eat while on tour?

Adrian- Seared Tuna
Gwen- Reeses Pieces
Tony- Sushi
Tom- Real Mexican yes or no?

Adrian- No
Gwen- Yes
Tony- Yo
Tom- my connection is too slow,I’d rather just buy CDs

What CD can’t you stop listening to?

Adrian- Chris Cornell
Gwen- Bloodflowers by The Cure
Tony- Gold Greatest Hits by Abba
Tom- Music for a Darkened Theater by Danny Elfman

What’s the best show on TV right now?

Adrian- Sex and the City
Gwen- I don’t watch TV
Tony- The Simpsons
Tom- CNBC Marketwatch

Who is your favorite actor? Actress?

Adrian- Kevin Spacey and Cameron Diaz
Gwen- Jimmy Stewart, Ben Stiller and Julie Andrews, Grace Kelly, Kate Winslet
Tony- Al Pachino in Scarface and Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface
Tom- Spike Jonze in Three Kings and Natascha McElhone

Tell us a secret nobody knows yet:

Adrian- I’m pregnant
Gwen- Yeah, right
Tony- Adrian’s pregnant
Tom- Jack Daniels cures cancer

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