Lucky Fan’s Story and Photos of Meeting No Doubt Last Night

Much congrats and thanks to lucky fan Coop from the official No Doubt forum for sharing her awesome story and photos of meeting the band last night outside Gibson! We hope Gwen is feeling better!!

Went to Will Call to pick up my tix and they came with backstage patio passes, which is right next to the artist entrance. I met Gabe and Stephen right away, they were so sweet and down to earth, hanging out with all us normal people… Then we went to the show which was AWESOME as always, and went back to the patio afterward. Not much was going on other than Group Love hanging around. After about a 1/2 an hour we decided to leave.. Well we couldn’t exit through the ampitheater because it was so late, so they made us leave through the back. As we were walking out I pass a car that has a sign that says “Reserved for AY”… I look at the car next to it, “Reserved for GS), “Reserved for TK”, and so on…. That was enough to make me decide to just wait it out. They had to leave at some point, RIGHT?! lol. While waiting Tony came out and I was able to get an autograph and picture… Then Tom walked to his car- I was able to say hello but didn’t get a picture or autograph as he was practically in his car and I thought it would be a little rude to run up to his car like that. So after that I was still waiting around like a loser lol… Then I heard someone say “is she ready? Ok, pull her car up.” I look around the corner and sure enough, he went to pull Gwen’s Range Rover up! My eyes were glued to the door and finally around 1 am she came out. I saw her and I didn’t even move, I was in awe that it was actually her! Luckily I snapped out of it and ran up and got a hug, hand shake and autograph all on video. (SN: Apparently she is sick? She didn’t look/sound well at all when I met her, said she wasn’t feeling well… You wouldn’t have been able to tell by how awesome they performed though!) Finally as we were getting ready to leave Adrian walked out and recognized my mom, he was so sweet! He said “ohhh so YOU are the ladies J had me get tickets for!” So he acknowledged us, it was really nice. Him and my mom talked for a few minutes about a few people they both know (she didn’t let me get a word in edgewise lol), I got a pic and autograph and then I FINALLY felt ready to leave lol. As Gwen said, it was DEFINITELY a night to remember!!

UPDATE: Congrats to Hellen on meeting the band last night,as well! Love the poster!

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  1. Ange says:

    I’m so jealous!!! I’ve always wanted to meet Adrian! He seems like such a nice guy. Congrats!


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