2002 No Doubt Show Photos Courtesy of Austen Risolvato

Thanks to photographer Austen Risolvato for sharing on her Instagram and website photos from a couple of 2002 No Doubt shows: the first is from No Doubt’s November 4 show in Dallas and the second is from their set at The Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans on November 2. We love her kind words for the band!



No Doubt in New Orleans, LA November 2002. I was newly 19 years old when I photographed them at this show. It was my second time around shooting them and I was immensely grateful for the opportunity. Like every good “alternative” girl of the 90s, I looked up to Gwen as a role model for what it meant to be feminine and sexy while balancing being “one of the boys”. She was tough, beautiful, and badass. So there’s your #TBT Dreams do come true guys.

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