Pap Free Zone

Here at EIT we were torn on the paparazzi photos. On one hand we love to see the band out and about, we love to see the everyday things they do. I know I personally love to see Gwen’s fashions. Everyone loves to see the band happy with their families and living ‘normal’ lives. But as a group EIT decided that we couldn’t continue to post these. These sorts of photos are such an invasion of their privacy and sometimes even safety. After much research it appeared that the band wasn’t the biggest fan of paparazzi photos either. So out of respect for the band and their families we will no longer post paparazzi photos.

Here are some quotes from the band below about paparazzi:

“Apparently the proud parents aren’t the only ones who think their boys are adorable, whether they be at the park blowing up balloons or out and about running errands around town. At a recent Vanity Fair party, Gwen admits she found it a bit “bizarre” after being told by guests all evening that they enjoyed seeing her family. “Everyone was coming up to me and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh! Kingston…’ Like they know him!” While the paparazzi shots of her sons are without a doubt cute, the protective mama is still unsure whether she likes their pictures floating around the media. “I’m not quite sure if that’s okay. I think they need to get, like, a permission slip from me.”

“The biggest sacrifice is the kids, their privacy, a responsibility for them and not knowing if this is going to ruin their lives. They’re so exposed, they don’t have a choice… that scares me a lot.”
Source: ELLE UK April 2011

“And while Rossdale has become an expert in dodging a dirty diaper, he admits escaping the prying eyes of the paparazzi has only gotten harder since having children. “I’ll want to take my kid to the beach, and there’s six grown men chasing us,” he explains.
“He’s running around in his underwear as every child should, and I have to go up to them and say, ‘Can you not photograph my son running around in his underwear?’ The pictures show up anyway.”
Aware of his surroundings — and protective of his mom Gwen Stefani — Kingston has no qualms about expressing his frustration when the photographers get too close for comfort.
“He went through a really angry stage. He’d scream at them, ‘Get away! Don’t take a picture of my mom!’” Rossdale recalls. “They’d say, ‘Wow, Kingston’s really moody!’ You’re a f—ing grown man running after a 4-year-old! What do you want him to do?”

Erin and Mieke @thingsweheart ReTweeted the tweet of Nicole Richie,who agreed with a tweet from P!nk in which P!nk posted an open letter asking the paparazzi to respect the privacy of celebrities and their children:
by thingsweheart
TRUTH! @Pink @hartluck.

This is another Gwen quote from late 2006,talking about how the paparazzi basically stalked her outside her house when she was pregnant with Kingston:
“We’re all addicted to it – it’s gross, but it’s entertaining. But I’m the one who has to live it. “In LA, there would be mornings where I’d be sleeping with my French doors open, in the heat, and I’d be woken up by chatter. “I’d look out and there’d be these guys in lawn chairs, hanging out, having a coffee, ready to chase me around all day. “Like, wow. Who am I? What happened? That’s a bizarre life, isn’t it?””