New Xmas merch added to No Doubt’s official store

Happy Xmas No Doubters!! The band’s official store just added a bunch of products for the holidays. They include Xmas tree ornament, mugs, gloves, a cute sweater, beanies, scarf AND a No Doubt wrapping paper. The store is also selling bundles: Scarf+Beanie, Sweater+Gloves+Mug and the Deluxe Winter Bundle (Sweater+gloves+beanie+mug+ornament), the last one comes with free wrapping (No Doubt) paper.

All items are still on pre order, under a special Black Friday prices (sale will end on Monday), and will be shipped starting December 12th.

Make sure to go to and start your Xmas shopping keeping the #NoDoubter spirit alive!

sweater scarf ornament mug glove beaniewp

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