Meiko writes about Gwen's Bday party

taken from: Meiko’s MySpace
Meiko updated her MySpace blog after attending Gwen’s birthday party:

“Woah! So- i just got home yesterday…. Had time to ch ch chill for a bit and then I had to get ready to go to GWEN STEFANI’s B-day party! Holy Lord!!!

I went with my friend/ producer, Greg Collins… We had sooo much fun… Ok Details anyone?

We got there pretty much as soon as it started… We were about the 5th and 6th person there… The house… Ri- Donk-u-lous…

Gwen greeted us and took us on a tour… She showed us Kingston’s room and it was sooooo cute!!!!!

Then- Highlight of the night. We got to meet the new baby, Zuma! He was fricken adorable and only 5 weeks old.

It was nice to see someone so successful and so humble. Her husband, Gavin Rosdale, made an Happy Birthday announcement before the cake- and it was so obvious that they were madly in love… I was a very lucky fly on the wall.

famous people at the party? Christina Agulara, Benji Madden, Nicole Ritchie, Jimy Ivine, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Pierce Brosnin, Ellen DiGenerous… and I think thats it. There was about 60 people total… I felt like I was in La la land. I guess I was.



There are also 2 pictures:
Greg Collins, Gwen and Meiko:

Gwen’s Birthday Cake:

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