Simple Kind Of Life Videography

Written By: Gwen Stefani

Album: Return Of Saturn

Director: Sophie Muller

Other Info: The background decoration during Gwen & Adrian’s scene is a copy of a packet of birth control pills.

Video Description:
The song’s music video was directed by Sophie Muller. It opens with a scene of Stefani and Kanal holding each other. During the chorus, she runs to a church while wearing a wedding dress designed after a fashion show by John Galliano, while her bandmates run after her. During the next verse, Stefani and guitarist Tom Dumont sit on a couch, and Stefani gets up on the table while Dumont plays an acoustic guitar. Stefani has a nightmare during the second chorus, in which she is in an endless hall full of wedding cakes, attempting to stop her bandmates from destroying them. There is then a dream sequence in which Stefani is backlit in front of a circle of stars. She sits with Young for the third verse, who stands up and leaves to play with Dumont and Kanal. The band walks through a cemetery, and Stefani finds a baby. Her bandmates extend their arms to hold the baby, but Stefani hands the baby off to a woman and enters her trailer to remove her makeup.

Muller was staying with Stefani when the song was written, so Stefani stated that “it was obvious that she would be the one to do the video” when Stefani played Muller the song after writing it. Muller designed the video around the song’s lyrics because she felt that “there are very few [songs] that reveal as much in their lyrics”. The scenes were storyboarded so that Muller could give the band a chance to act out the scenes more. She set the band members up with props and filmed after giving loose suggestions. Muller originally intended for the dream sequence to show Stefani over a sea of orange juice but changed the scene based on Stefani’s performance.


taken from: Wiki & Antipodal’s YouTube

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