Just A Girl Videography

Written By: Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont

Album: Tragic Kingdom

Director: Mark Kohr

Video Description:
The music video opens with Stefani sitting in front of a beat-up car while the rest of the band loads the car. They then drive off and arrive at a building where she enters the women’s bathroom and the rest of the band enters the men’s. The band sets up its equipment in the grey, dingy bathroom while Stefani sings in the decorated and brightly colored bathroom. Eventually, the band takes to lifting people through the ceiling to get into the women’s bathroom, and the video ends with Tom Dumont and Tony Kanal standing directly in front of the wall that had been separating the bathrooms.

Other Info:
The pregnant girl in the video is Jill, Gwen’s sister.

Jill was pregnant with Madeline.

The house in the begining is The Beacon Street Home.


taken from: Wiki & Antipodal’s YouTube

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