Ex-Girlfriend Videography

Written By: Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, Gwen Stefani

Album: Return Of Saturn

Directed By: Hype Williams

Other Info: On the walls of Gwen’s room are actual pictures from when Gwen & Tony were together.

Video Description:
In the video, Stefani cross-dresses to enter a men’s bathroom and, upon being discovered, assaults Tony Kanal (who plays her ex-boyfriend) and several other men. When Kanal regains consciousness, he grabs Stefani and jumps out the window, and the two plummet to the ground. The storyline is cut with scenes of the band playing on a stage. No Doubt’s guitarist Tom Dumont initially played the part of a police officer but was cut from the final version of the “Ex-Girlfriend” video. He enacts the role in MTV’s Making the Video.


taken from: Wiki & Antipodals’ YouTube

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