Rock Steady Live


Rock Steady Live
Released: November 25, 2003
Formats: DVD
Length: 90 minutes
Director: Sophie Muller
Recorded: 21 and 22 November, 2002 on Long Beach, CA
Label: Interscope
RIAA: Gold

Track List:

1 “Hella Good”
2 “Sunday Morning”
3 “Ex-Girlfriend”
4 “Underneath It All”
5 “Platinum Blonde Life”
6 “Bathwater”
7 “Don’t Let Me Down”
8 “Magic’s in the Makeup”
9 “Running”
10 “In My Head”
11 “New”
12 “Simple Kind of Life”
13 “Just a Girl”
14 “Hey Baby”
15 “Rock Steady”
16 “Spiderwebs”
17 “Don’t Speak
18 “Total Hate” (bonus track)
19 “Excuse Me Mr.” (bonus track)
20 “Different People” (bonus track)
21 “Trapped in a Box” (bonus track)

Bonus Material: Liam Lynch interview, Merkley Footage: Individual documentary pieces for each band member, Backstage Footage, Anaheim Key to the City and Hidden Footage.