Live In The Tragic Kingdom (1997)

Live in the Tragic Kingdom
Released: November 11, 1997 (VHS) /November 25, 2003 as part of Boom Box (DVD) / June 13, 2006 (separate DVD)
Formats: VHS, DVD
Length: 92 minutes
Director: Sophie Muller
Recorded: May 31 and June 1, 1997 in Anaheim, CA
Label: Interscope

Track List:

1. “Tragic Kingdom”
2. “Excuse Me Mr.”
3. “Different People”
4. “Happy Now?”
5. “D.J.’s” (Sublime cover)
6. “End It on This”
7. “Just a Girl”
8. “The Climb”
9. “Total Hate”
10. “Hey You”
11. “The Imperial March” (From The Empire Strikes Back)
12. “Move On / Ghost Town” (The Specials cover)
13. “Don’t Speak”
14. “Sunday Morning”
15. “Spiderwebs”
16. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” (The Beatles cover)

 Bonus Material: Several extras and easter eggs were included on the 2006 DVD release of Live in the Tragic Kingdom, including a three-song video clip of a concert in Den Haag, Netherlands during the Tragic Kingdom Tour, an alternate version of “Don’t Speak”, a photo gallery, and trailers for No Doubt’s two previous DVD releases, The Videos 1992–2003 and Rock Steady Live.