Love.Angel.Music.Baby Deluxe

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Love.Angel.Music.Baby. – Deluxe Limited Edition
Release Date: November 22, 2004
Label: Interscope Records

01. What You Waiting For? – 3:41
02. Rich Girl (featuring Eve) – 3:56
03. Hollaback Girl – 3:20
04. Cool – 3:09
05. Bubble Pop Electric (featuring Johnny Vulture) – 3:42
06. Luxurious – 4:25
07. Harajuku Girls – 4:51
08. Crash – 4:06
09. The Real Thing – 4:11
10. Serious – 4:48
11. Danger Zone – 3:36
12. Long Way To Go (featuring André 3000) – 4:34

Singles: What You Waiting For?, Rich Girl, Hollaback Girl, Cool, Luxurious, Crash
Produced By: André 3000, Dallas Austin, Dr. Dre, Nellee Hooper, Tony Kanal, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, The Neptunes, Mark “Spike” Stent
Sales: over 7 million worldwide
Credits: (Engineers) Andrew Coleman, Greg Collins, Ian Cross, John Frye, Simon Gogerly, Mauricio “Veto” Irragorri, Jason Lader, Matt Marrin, Colin Mitchell, Pete Novak, Ian Rossiter, Rick Sheppard (Assistant engineers) Warren Bletcher, Nick Ferrero, Jason Finkel, Francis Forde, Cesar Guevara, Rob Haggett, Doug Harms, Rouble Kapoor, Kevin Mills, Glenn Pittman, Ian Rossiter, Jaime Sickora, Sean Tallman, David Treahern, John Warren (Mixing) André 3000, Greg Collins, Dr. Dre, Lee Groves, Mark “Spike” Stent, Phil Tan (Mastering) Brian “Big Bass” Gardener (A&R) Jimmy Iovine, Mark Anthony Williams (Programming) Simon Gogerly, Tony Kanal, Jason Lader, Sam La More, Aidan Love, Ewan Pearson, André 3000 as “Johnny Vulture” (MIDI and sound design) Rick Sheppard (Guitar engineer) Linda Perry (Keyboard engineer) Linda Perry (Cut) Cutmaster Swift (Web service) Ray Ibe (Creative director) Gwen Stefani (Art direction) Jolie Clemens (Art coordinator) Nicole Frantz (Layout design) Jolie Clemens (Photography) Nick Knight (Logo and type illustration) Johnny Copeland
(Package coordinator) Cindy Cooper

Other: Comes as a package. Package includes Hard Cover Booklet with CD & Lyrics. Also includes a CD Case from “Sub-LAMB”, which would eventually become “Harajuku Lovers” brand. Book comes in Red or Blue.

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