Gwen on the Cover of the March Issue of Glamour Germany

Credit: gwencouture

As we mentioned yesterday,Gwen is on the cover of the March issue of Glamour Germany on newsstands now. Thanks to loverwhythegun for sharing a scan of the 2-page article which features a Q&A with Gwen;both the cover photo and the band photo in the article are from Gwen’s January US Vogue cover spread.


UPDATE: Here is a rough translation of the article:

What is the widest difference between Dooubt No. 2001 and No Doubt 2012?

Eight children! We are now all four parents.

Are the kids at concerts like?

When time goes, in any case. Kingston and the Ace of the same age have our guitarist Tom befriends at the Tour. Since then, the two cool rocker-Kiddy-mate.

Progressive single Settle Down says ”I’m a rough and tough and nothing’s gonna knock this girl down.” Are you a powerful woman?

I have no picture of me only the world. I’m anything other than a superman. I stated at the life like any other mother or professional working at all any other human being. Who you are or what you do: Life is never easy and simple.

Were you actually there, the group has again zusammengeletrommelt?
No, I’m not the cheerleader of No Doubt. We are equal in the band, I am back row.

How much time do you have for the music at all?

We usually meet in the afternoon to work. At first I was often a little, I was born shortly after Zuma’s always tired, exhausted, and had all about a guilty conscience, against about the band, I thought I was wasting their time. And over against my guys, because I often do not come to dinner. With which it was better.

Nevertheless, you can see on photos from always happy.

I’m happy. Very happy even. I love everything that I do, the music, the clothes and accessories with my fashion label. And of course, my family is more important than anything else,Finally I always love to have children and find it fantastic. Only: The challenge is huge. Something always goes wrong.

(She is aked about her fitness routine.)
In sports. I do weights and totally happy if the upper arms look good. Abdominal training is many sit-ups to everything.

We have spoken about Gavin, you’ve been married for ten years. What is the secret?

That does not exist. Together and we are in the main Punktem Meinung.wolten both families. We are there for so long.

You sound like you are surprised about it.

Have you not? It’s amazingly years! And believe me, that marriage requires decent work. We continue to make it and make it end days.

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