Gwen Empties Out her Purse for US Magazine

Thanks to rmowetherly for sharing a scan of a feature from the new issue of US Magazine in which Gwen shares the contents of her purse (which is as packed as her schedule!) We’ve transcribed it below.


No Doubt: the singer’s purse is as packed as her schedule! ‘’I need a big bag these days because I have so much going on’’,she says of the self-designed L.A.M.B. tote that holds almonds for snacking,her Windows phone ( ‘’it’s hard to put down’’) and action figures for her sons ,Kingston,7,and Zuma,4 (with rocker husband Gavin Rossdale,47). Her other essentials?

‘’The band has been writing new music for a few months now. My favorite part is getting the demo CD at the end of the session and blasting it in my car. I love to listen to it. I’m the only one still using CDs and everyone is panicked I’ll lose one. I’ve been lucky so far,though!’’

‘’I carry a couple of my favorite Harajuku Lovers fragrances in my bag. I like that I can switch it up,depending on my mood’’

”I love getting my nails done. I love all the details of being a girl. I’m really into white nails now.’’

”I’ve got to have awesome toys ready for backup in case any smaller humans get bored while we’re out!’’

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