Tom’s Interview with Bloomberg Radio Show ”Talking Stock”

Yesterday Tom had mentioned on Twitter that he had called into Bloomberg Radio talk show ”Talking Stock”-he spoke with show hosts Courtney Donohoe and Josh Brown about the new album ”Push and Shove”,saying that it is a throwback to the sounds the band grew up with,like 80s British new wave,ska and Jamaican music. (Curiously,he mentioned that the album has 11 songs,though it was previously thought there would be 12 songs.) He said that the title track,produced by Major Lazer,is probably his favorite song from the album-he described it as a ”ska anthem” and revealed that if it is released as a single,it will have to be cut down since it is over 5 minutes long! He shared again that the ”Settle Down” single and video will be out on July 16 and that the band will likely be touring all next year,following their promotional appearances. He went on to talk about financial investments,saying that it’s important for artists to live within their means and invest their money wisely. He said he became interested in reading financial blogs during Gwen’s solo time,when he wasn’t working as much-he said he now reads Josh Brown’s blog,The Reformed Broker,and Barry Ritholtz’s blog,The Big Picture,every day. He also mentioned that he has a financial investor to help him put together a good asset allocation. We uploaded the audio for everyone below.

Tom Dumont, guitarist with the band, “No Doubt,” discusses the band’s tour and how he became interested in financial news. Dumont talks with Bloomberg’s Courtney Donohoe on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock.” Also joining the discussion is Josh Brown, vice president of Fusion Analytics Research Partners LLC.

UPDATE: We uploaded an mp3 HERE.

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