Stephen Colbert calls Gwen ‘Gwar Stemponi’

Haha, that’s funny! Stephen Colbert called Gwen ‘Gwar Stemponi’ as a payback to her Emmy flub, when she mispronnounced his name as ‘Colborg’.

Source: Today

Nine days after Gwen Stefani mispronounced the name of Stephen Colbert’s variety show at this year’s Emmy Awards, Colbert exacted some playful revenge on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Wednesday night, before Meyers welcomed Stefani as one of his “Late Night” guests, his show aired a clip of Colbert, sitting behind Meyers’ desk, introducing the five-time Grammy winner as “Gwar Stemponi.”

he show flashed back to Meyers, who declared, “And all is right with the universe!”

Recapping her Emmys experience with Meyers — who hosted the ceremony — Stefani took her “Adele Dazeem” moment in stride.

“You did a great job,” Stefani told Meyers, “and I don’t think you messed up any names, did you?”

“I didn’t, but I mess up names all the time,” Meyers said.

“Let’s mess up names right now,” Stefani replied.

Meyers welcomed the opportunity, tweaking the names of her fellow coaches on “The Voice,” premiering Sept. 22.

“You work with Adam La Vine and Pharalla,” he joked. “You took over for Christina Agalara — Agaloya.”

The name game has been a running gag ever since Stefani pronounced “The Colbert Report” as “The Colbore Report” while announcing the winner for Outstanding Variety Series at the Aug. 25 Emmys ceremony. The following night’s episode of “The Colbert Report” wasted no time in using the gaffe as comedic fodder, sneaking “Colbore” into its buzzword-laden opening title sequence.

The timing for the latest joke worked out perfectly for Meyers, as Colbert likely taped his Stefani introduction a day earlier, when he guested on “Late Night.”

The rest of Stefani’s “Late Night” segment focused on topics ranging from her “two-finger clap” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards — “I feel like that’s the way the queen claps right before she has the jester killed,” Meyers joked — to the changing state of the music industry.

“I remember, back a few years ago, when Kelly Clarkson came out, and we were like, ‘Oh!’ — and I lost all of my VMA Awards to her,” Stefani said. “I was like, ‘OK, well, I guess that, now, times have changed. Like, you can be on a talent show and make it in music.’ So, I feel like, ‘The Voice’ now is like, if you have a single and you want to break your music, that’s where you go to play. So, it’s kind of what’s happening right now. It’s a platform for music.”

Stefani also recalled how her children reacted when first lady Michelle Obama visited her house for a fundraising event in 2012.

“They’re screaming and crying, and we’re trying to take a picture, and we’re like, ‘Ahhh!’” Stefani said. “But she was so awesome. She was just like, ‘Look, I’ve got kids. I totally get it.’ And I’m sure that was, like, the least of her problems.”

Added Meyers, “The great thing will be when they grow up and you can tell them how they behaved in front of the first lady.”

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