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Mistery solved! Gwen has taken to Instagram a photo of her entire tour crew with the wearing the “Anaheim Hillbillies” shirt, the same one that is being sold at her concerts. Many fans have been speculating what Anaheim Hillbillies meant, if it could a inside joke between Gwen and Blake Shelton.

Funny story, about two days ago, a fan reached to us on Facebook and asked what Anaheim Hillbillies was about and we did some research on it, we notice the expression was used way before Gwen and Blake started dating and we also found out through some Anaheim locals that it was a local gang slang used on the Anaheim Hills. Gwen has used some Anaheim references on her clothing lines, like Harajuku Lovers,  in the past  and we saw some crew pics wearing those shirts so we replied that “Anaheim Hillbillies” was probably her refering to her tour crew, and looks like we were spot on!

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