Super-Cute Harajuku Mini for Target Commercial Featuring Gwen!!

YAY,Target has shared the super-cute new Harajuku Mini commercial featuring Gwen!!! We LOVE the ad(we hope to see it on TV soon!) and of course we cannot wait for the line to officially launch at Target stores and at on November 13!! As we have mentioned,the clothes and accessories have already been spotted in some Target stores,so be on the lookout! We had posted photos from the commercial shoot here.

Magical, 8-bit insanity unleashed on the Tokyo streets. The Harajuku Mini line is available only at Target on November 13th! #HarajukuMini

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UPDATE: Here are some screncaps of Gwen’s appearance in the commercial!! We cannot say enough how much we love the ad and how Gwen brought back the Alice in Wonderland look for it!

3 thoughts on “Super-Cute Harajuku Mini for Target Commercial Featuring Gwen!!

  1. Fabio says:

    jrl: It seems it’s a remix of Gwen’s song “Harajuku Girls” :).


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