New Harajuku Mini Dress Spotted at Target!

Thanks so much to Alyssa for sharing a photo of an adorable new Harajuku Mini dress she spotted in her local Target! We love the pink and white-striped sleeves,pink anchor and blue-and-white polka dot print! The latest installment of Harajuku Mini isn’t scheduled to hit Target until December 25,but it looks like some stores may be displaying the new items early-have you seen any new Harajuku Mini items in your Target stores?

UPDATE: Thanks to Denise for sharing photos of super-kawaii new Harajuku Mini bags she found in her local Target store in Pico Rivera,California! It looks like the new installment has a nautical theme-we love it!!! Again,if you have spotted any new HM items in your Target,feel free to send in photos.

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