New Harajuku Mini Collection Available at Target Now and on July 21

UPDATE 2: Harajuku Lovers has now announced that the toddler/infant Girls BTS collection will hit select Target stores/online on August 7;the new toddler/infant boys items will be available online on that date,as well.

UPDATE: Harajuku Lovers has shared on its facebook page a few more official photos of the new HM collection,as well as this explanation for finding the girls sizes 4-16 at

Harajuku Mini Girls 4-16 BTS 2013 now available on There is a glitch in their system, so you will need to search the keyword “harajuku” and then under the “sort by” pull down menu select “newest.” We will try and have this fixed so it is easier to locate.



YAY,Harajuku Lovers just announced that while the new,back-to-school Harajuku Mini collection in girls sizes 4-16 is available in select Target stores now,the items for toddler/infant girls will be hitting Target stores on July 21;girls sizes 4-16 as well as toddler/infant girls and boys sizes will be available at on the same date. We had posted photos of some of the pieces here. Happy shopping,and congrats to Gwen and her HM team on yet another kawaii collection!


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