More Photos of Harajuku Mini at Target & Gwen Photo in Clothing Tag

Thanks SO much to Shana for sharing photos of the Harajuku Mini clothing she spotted at her local Target store in Minnesota! We are in love with the Harajuku Mini clothing tag,which on the inside features a gorgeous photo of Gwen flashing a peace sign and wearing an adorable black-and-white ensemble against a checkered background.(The outside of the tag is the brand’s super-cute hamburger logo.) Shana was told that another of her local Targets may have the items in by next week. Have we mentioned how excited we are for the collection’s official launch on November 13?!
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Here is what the inside of the clothing tag reads:

Harajuku Mini Gwen Stefani. Crazy-mad style. Super-cute prices. Designed exclusively for Target,Harajuku Mini is inspired by the cool kaleidoscope of the colorful styles found on the streets of Harajuku,Japan. Be the fashion-know-it-all you were born to be.

2 thoughts on “More Photos of Harajuku Mini at Target & Gwen Photo in Clothing Tag

  1. Naville Lim says:

    Hi! I’m Naville lim from the Philippines. I already bought from several times already and had the items shipped to the address of our relative living in the U.S. I wonder if the harajuku mini backpacks will still be available online also on november 13? Or if not, are they still available in stores? Tnx!

  2. Fabio says:

    Hey Naville! I guess all the collection will be available on November 13. To be sure, check on the launch date! Good luck in finding them :).


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