More Harajuku Mini Bedding Info and Photos

UPDATE: Harajuku Mini has just posted on its facebook page a preliminary list of the Target stores that currently carry the bedding and more item numbers! Good luck to everyone!

Here is the preliminary list of the Target stores that currently carry the bedding:

If a store near you carries the bedding, here is a listing of the Item numbers which may help you more in locating.
606-03-0568 Comforter $32.99
060-03-0570 Sheets $21.99
060-03-0567 Blanket $24.99
060-03-0571 Throw $14.99
060-03-0569 G cuddle pillow $19.99


Click here to locate any of the stores listed above:

Thanks so much to Shana for sharing photos and item numbers of some of the kawaii new Harajuku Mini bedding items she was able to find at her local Target store in Minnesota. We know that many fans have had trouble finding the items,even though they were scheduled to be available in select Target stores starting yesterday. Harajuku Mini has apologized on its facebook page,explaining that they are not in control of where or when Target carries merchandise but that they are trying to get more information for everyone. One fan in Texas was told by her local Target that the bedding would be on shelves ”sometime this week”. In the meantime,we can use these item numbers when contacting our local Target stores to inquire about the items.


Twin sheet set: 060-030-570
Comforter: 060-030-568
G pillow: 060-030-569


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  1. Matt says:

    Really not one store in CA. Se is from here for gods sake.


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