Kawaii New Harajuku Mini School Supplies at Target

Thanks to Christal for sharing on Instagram photos of super kawaii new Harajuku Mini school supplies such as notebooks and folders found at Target! As we mentioned,the newest installment of Harajuku Mini clothes hits Target on July 8.

2 thoughts on “Kawaii New Harajuku Mini School Supplies at Target

  1. angie says:

    cute but gwen i think that you should stop selling harajuku miniat target and just go back to just harajuku lovers.only to the rich not the poor anymore. i am very disappointed in you.

  2. Frax says:

    They’re super cute, too. I love the Harajuku mini line! Some of the clothes even fit me and I’m an adult! I work at Target and I love seeing all the new stuff we have all the time. Has anyone seen the new bags? They have super cute ones shaped like little guitars!! Rockin’!


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