Harajuku Mini Line to Include Shoes

Thanks so much to GwenStefaniFan from the official No Doubt forum for the info,Gwen’s new Harajuku Mini line at Target for babies,kids and tweens will reportedly include shoes. We cannot wait to to see all of the adorable items when the line launches on November 13!

It looks like there is going to be a line of Harajuku Mini shoes at Target. I was searching in our PDA system and there are already shoes that are coming up in the system. We don’t have them yet, I assume they will come out with the launch of the clothing in November. 🙂

UPDATE-Here’s a little more info on the shoe line,thanks again to GwenStefaniFan:

So far all that is listed when I do a search is kids sizes. That doesn’t mean anything since we don’t actually carry them yet. The price is listed at $16.99 and the description says they are white canvas.

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