More Info and Photos of Harajuku Hugs Collection


UPDATE: We’re hearing now that the only doll that is actually part of the collection so far is the Harajuku Hugs Panda-the other dolls were only pictured to model the clothing and accessories.

Thanks so much to Kiera for sharing a photo of the super kawaii Harajuku Hugs doll collection that will be available exclusively at Build-A-Bear on January 18!!! The adorable collection features the Harajuku Hugs Panda that we posted a photo of last week,as well as a Happy Hugs Teddy,a Pink Cuddly Hearts Bear and Vanilla Cream Bunny-the dolls range in price between $16 and $20,and cute clothing and accessories are available for each at an additional cost. Much congrats to Gwen and her Harajuku Lovers team on launching the collection-it is sure to be a big success!

4 thoughts on “More Info and Photos of Harajuku Hugs Collection

  1. kookooforkawaii says:

    Just to clarify, the Panda is the only animal in the Harajuku Hugs collection (so far). The other animals are not in the collection, but the apparel and (most of the accessories) they are wearing are.


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