Gwen Stefani: “My mind is being blown by this amazing artistic opportunity”

Gwen is about to make history: she will be producing the first-ever music video created on live television, in collaboration with Target, at the 58th edition of the Grammys Awards, for her new single “Make Me Like You”, included in her new album “This Is What The Truth Feels Like”, to be released next March 18th.

After months of hard work and silence, Gwen Stefani finally spoke about the huge upcoming event at the Grammys, in which she will be both performing her new single “Make Me Like Me”, as well as making the video live.

In an exclusive interview for ETOnline, Gwen said that she and her team “have been putting all the pieces together for months, trying to make sure that Monday´s experience is seamless”.

The video will be directed by Sophie Muller who has already worked in many No Doubt and Gwen Stefani videos like “Don´t Speak”, “Excuse Me Mr.”, “Sunday Morning”, “Simple Kind Of Life”, “Underneath It All”, “Wind It Up”, “Baby Don´t Lie”, “Spark The Fire” and “Used to Love You”.

Today Gwen shared a tweet of the upcoming event where you can see how excited… and nervous! she is. Let´s send her good vibes for tomorrow and watch it live at CBS.

Watch the full Exclusive Interview by ETOnline and Target.

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No Doubt – Underneath It All + Hella Good –
45th Grammy Awards Feb. 23, 2003, in New York

No Doubt – Spiderwebs
39th Grammy Awards on Febr 26, 1997

Gwen Stefani + Adam Levine “My Heart is Open”

Grammy Awards Won
No Doubt
“Underneath ItAll”
“Hey Baby”

Gwen Stefani
“Let Me Blow Your Mind”

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