Wish Gwen a Happy Birthday on Twitter!!

Thanks so much to Sophie for creating the account,we fans can now wish Gwen a Happy Birthday via a special Twitter account made especially for birthday messages to Gwen!! If you have Twitter,be sure to follow http://twitter.com/GwensBirthday and write your birthday message for Gwen(if you want your message to be longer than the 140 character limit,you can use TwitLonger.)If you don’t have Twitter,please leave your birthday message for Gwen in THIS thread on the No Doubt forum and your message will be added to @GwensBirthday.Remember,Gwen’s birthday is this Sunday,October 3rd,so we have less than a week to post messages-let’s be sure to spread the word about the birthday account so there will be plenty of birthday greetings for Gwen!! Also,please spread the word about the #HappyBirthdayGwen Twitter trending effort taking place on October 3rd.Thanks to everyone taking part in wishing Gwen a Happy Birthday!!! 😀

EDIT:Just to have all of the info in one place,here is the info for the #HappyBirthdayGwen trending event:

Let’s try to get #HappyBirthdayGwen trending on Twitter on Gwen’s birthday by placing the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGwen in our Tweets and by spreading the word about the trending event on facebook,Twitter,etc.Here are some tips:

Set your Twitter account to public. Your tweets will only show on the public timeline and contribute to trending topic if it’s public.

Always include the key words #HappyBirthdayGwen when Tweeting.

Only use #HappyBirthdayGwen ONCE per Tweet, or it will be counted as spam.

Starting Tweeting early and often on October 3rd.

When Tweeting,ReTweet the Tweets of others who are Tweeting the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGwen.

Again,spread the word to friends and any ND/Gwen fans you know,as well as on social networking sites like facebook,Twitter,etc.

Let’s all help #HappyBirthdayGwen become a trending topic on October 3rd!

EDIT: WOO-HOO! ‘Birthday Gwen’ is currently a trending topic in Los Angeles!! Ler’s keep Tweeting #HappyBirthdayGwen today,Oct.3rd, to get it to trend worldwide!


3 thoughts on “Wish Gwen a Happy Birthday on Twitter!!

  1. Rosie says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 If you have a Twitter account,you can wish Gwen a Happy Birthday @GwensBirthday.

  2. Glauber says:

    Hi Gwen,
    Today is an incredible day in your life, only perfect things can happen to you.
    Love you lots and hope by NO Doubt in Brazil 14 years ago, the great dream of my life, I hope that this could happen as soon as possible!
    Love you forever!
    Happy Birthday!


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