VOTE for ND in MTV's Musical March Madness!


YAY,this is really exciting!! No Doubt just tweeted that they are competing in MTV’s Musical March Madness Tournament.Fans can vote for ND by logging onto to MTV HERE and casting their ballot.Voting for No Doubt opens March 16,and first round voting continues through Sunday night,March 20.(The final champion will be announced on April 5th.) No Doubt will be in the South bracket in the first round-they are up against Paramore. Be sure to vote for ND and spread the word about the ballot to any No Doubt fans you know and on social networking sites like facebook and Twitter(you can use the hashtag #MMM in your tweets to encourage support for No Doubt.) Let’s help No Doubt win MTV’s Musical March Madness Tournament!!!!

MTV’s Musical March Madness Tournament has begun and No Doubt is one of 64 bands competing for the trophy. This tournament is controlled 100% by the fans so No Doubt need your help! Each day, new match ups are posted for fans to log on and vote for their favorite artist. Winning artists will advance to the next round with the champion crowned on April 5th.

Voting opens this Wednesday, March 16th for No Doubt’s match up.

Help campaign for No Doubt to win the final 2011 Musical March Madness trophy by using the hashtag #MMM on Twitter.

The first round of MTV’s Musical March Madness Tournament began Monday and ends this Sunday at midnight so log on now to download your bracket and check out all of the match ups. Voting for No Doubt opens Wednesday, March 16 – don’t forget to cast your ballot!

No Doubt competing in MTV’s Musical March Madness #MMM. Check it out and vote this Wednesday!

**UPDATE** The voting for No Doubt is now open!!! VOTE FOR NO DOUBT HERE!!

(5) Paramore vs. (12) No Doubt
These two bands share an awful lot of parallels, and they both find themselves in the midst of transitions. Paramore are still riding high on 2009’s Brand New Eyes and are expected to drop hotly-anticipated new music later this year, while No Doubt are in the midst of their big comeback album, which will undoubtedly be greeted with aggressive enthusiasm. But which one has the chops to advance to round two?

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